Important Webinars for You

The ACC has archived an important set of webinars for you to view. You will gain a better understanding of:

MIPS and Physician Value Programs

This webinar provides an overview of the MIPS requirements and how they will impact clinician payments. It also highlights PQRS, the Value Modifier, and the Meaningful Use programs and how these will be streamlined under the MIPS.

Navigating the QRUR (Your basis for MIPS) 

This webinar focuses on the role the QRUR plays in our movement from volume to value. It covers the two different patient attribution methods as well as the basic elements of this report on quality and finance for your practice (as identified by your billing entity or TIN). Understanding who the providers are in your TIN and how they perform on critical cost data will be explored. The relationship in your PQRS reporting plus the CMS recognized outcome quality measures are explained.

Navigating the s-QRUR (supplemental QRUR)

As we continue to delve into the tools available to us, those that will determine our MIPS scores in 2019 (based on 2017 data), this webcast tackles the last element in our series — the supplemental QRUR. This report is critical to the CV team in understanding their role in episodes of care. The six conditional episodes and the 15 procedural episodes commonly used in our CV service lines (and practices) are explored. Episodes, mandated by the Affordable Care Act, measure the cost of care three days pre and 30 days post episode. Adding post-acute care elements is often new to the team – but critical to understand as MACRA unfolds – and we will explore that component of care and its role in the episodes. The webinar includes the top 10 “to do’s” that will assist you in using this data productivity as a road map to delivering optimal cardiovascular care and getting ready for 2019.